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For more art, check out my Scraps-- I chuck designs, sketches, and doodles away in there.

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MoF: Halloween Group Picture by rotten-apples    MoF group: Halloween Year 2 by rotten-apples    Mistress of Fear: Halloween year 3 group pic by rotten-apples    MoF: Christmas at Arkham 2012 by rotten-apples

A couple years ago I had to retire the Mistress of Fear group picture when my computer system melted down. Without a computer, hardware, or the software I needed, the means to keep creating digital art at all became nonexistent. Recently I was finally able to replace everything I lost (thankfully of much better quality this time). So as the MoF pictures were retired out of necessity, I find myself wanting to end the series on my own terms this time-- with Valentine's Day.

Bullet; OrangeWhat's the Mistress/Master of Fear group pic?
Back in 2010 I decided I wanted to bring everyone's Scarecrow OCs together under one roof in one picture as a way to showcase everyone's original designs on an even keel in the spirit of 'togetherness.' OCs often get a lot of flak, so it was an opportunity to put everyone's ideas on the same playing field, everyone getting along, coexisting, all in the same style and setting. There were three years of Halloween pictures and one Christmas, locations ranging from Keeny Manor, to the Arkham game morgue, to the Arkham common room.

This year we're setting up the festivities in the Arkham Asylum graveyard on Valentine's Day. What could be more romantic, right?

If you missed out on previous years, this is your chance to take part-- this will most likely be the officially last MoF group picture.

Bullet; OrangeWhat's a Mistress/Master of Fear? Who can be included in the picture?
I'm using the 'Mistress of Fear' definition used by the Mistress of Fear group:
"The definition of a "Mistress or Mister of Fear":
1) Any [Original Character] who would like to become an associate of The Scarecrow.
2) A created Original Character or "OC" that is an associate of The Scarecrow.
3) A canon character (one actually created and used by DC) that had an association with The Scarecrow.
4) An Alternate Universe or "AU" of a canon character that had an association with The Scarecrow. Your MoF's "association" with The Scarecrow can be based on a partnership, a friendship, a romantic relationship, being a relation, a revenge, as a fellow rogue, as competition, having been killed, having been a relation to Jonathan Crane, or just plain being a fan of the Scarecrow and wanting to see yourself in his universe."

This also includes the "six canon Mistresses of Fear: Becky Albright, Sherry Squires, Linda Friitawa, Lindsey, Molly Randall, and Scream Queen. These ladies have been associates of The Scarecrow."

I'm including Becky Albright automatically because she's canon and coined the phrase Mistress of Fear, though if anyone wants to suggest one of the six canon MoFs in place of their own OC, I'm up for that :thumbsup:

:bulletorange:When do signups start/end?
Signups start today, January 21, 2015. The deadline for entering your characters will be January 28, 2015.

:bulletorange:When will the finished piece be put online?
The final group picture will be posted in my dA gallery and my tumblr account on Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2015.

:bulletorange:If you want to be a part of the picture, send me a note with your--
1. MoF's name and alias
2. Any links to visual references of your character's costume
[Please don't make me hunt your gallery for them, please.]
3. a short summary of their personality-- are they lady-like or tomboyish? Proper and elegant or rough and tumble? Confident or shy? Calm and collected or an anxious spaz? How do they act in a group setting? How do they act around Crane? This reflects on how they carry themselves, how they interact with the other characters in the picture, and helps me bring your character to life in the image.

:bulletorange:Note: If you were in the picture in previous years, I still have your character information. If anything about your character has changed in personality or design-wise, however, feel free to resubmit the updated references and/or character information :)

:bulletorange::bulletorange:I will post rough character designs with outfits after everyone has signed up so their creators can sound off and have a final say before I draw the full picture.

:skull: - - - - - - - - - - - - :skull:
MoF's currently participating:
1. Becky Albright [Mistress of Fear canon version]
2. :iconrotten-apples: -- Annabelle "Death Knell" Toll
3. :iconfallen-angel-lilith: -- Rae
4. Crows-Talon (tumblr) -- Karen Keeny (canon)
5. Urbanchimera (tumblr) -- Sherry Squires (canon)
6. :iconpoorlittlebat: -- Teagan
7. :iconcomedy101: -- Mia
8. :iconichigo-kun: -- Bridgette Beaumont
9. :iconbeckyalbright: -- Becky Albright (personal canon)
10. :iconhbcfanalex: -- Mallory Kieran Sinnet
11. :iconlicoricewolf: -- Becky Albright (personal canon)
Currently:  Couple updates. Still working.

Also, I am open for plush commissions (:info -- plush commissions:). Note me if you're interested.

:bulletorange:  :bulletblack:  :bulletorange:  :bulletblack:  :bulletorange:  :pumpkin:  :bulletorange:  :bulletblack:  :bulletorange:  :bulletblack:  :bulletorange:

1. [25% complete]  Painting: Arrow -- Vigilante Club (ink pens, ink wash)
2. [13.75% complete] -update- MoF v-day character design sheet (x12 characters)
3. [5% complete -update- Painting: MoF v-day group picture (digital)

[nothing right now]

1. [61.25% complete]  -update- Gotham run cycles: set #1 of 4
        (overall: 1 of 11 complete)
2. [27.25% complete]  'Freakie Frannie'  [short film]
        --currently: boarding and concept art
3. [8.5% complete]  'Archetypes'  [short film] [formerly Crane's Mask]
        --currently: tweaking script and boarding
4. [planning stages]  'Batman: Scar Tissue' [mini-series]
        --currently: sorting notes and writing

--nothing right now--

:bulletpurple:2015 Goals:bulletpurple:
1. Finish Freakie Frannie film
2. Finish writing and designing Batman: Scar Tissue
3. Cement my art style (design and painting)
4. Build a better professional portfolio
5. Experiment with oil paints (never used oils before, but I've gotten three+ sets of them as gifts so I figure I should try)
  • Listening to: Mozart
  • Reading: Aesop's Fables
  • Eating: sunflower seeds


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